Monday, August 22, 2011

Quite a Name...

I was too young to collect cards in 1973 (I actually started in 1979), but if I had, this player's name would have brought out the inner voice of that 14-year old that still lives inside me:

Card #98 -- Dick Woodson, Minnesota Twins

He is standing in front of the unmistakeable facade of the old pre-renovated Yankee stadium in this photo. In 1974, he played his last major league home games there.

Dick Woodson was originally brought up as a set-up reliever and occasional starter for the Twins in 1969 and '70. He played in the ALCS both of those years as well. In '71 he was sent back to the minors and re-emerged as a starter for the Twins in 1972. He achieved a 25-23 mark for the team as part of the rotation from '72 through the first month of '74.

In May of '74, he was traded to the Yankees, where he returned to a role of occasional starter/set-up reliever. By mid-season, he was once more in the minors. This time, he never made it back to teh parent club, and was done after the 1975 season.


  1. I just posted his card yesterday!

  2. Interestingly, he never squared off against Pete LaCock during his MLB pitching career. All over America, 9 year old boys of all ages, mourn the missed opportunity.