Friday, September 21, 2012

If It's Tuesday, I Must Be in Oakland...

Since the last two players featured this week were in airbrushed threads, let's just close the week out with one more:

Card #222 -- Rob Gardner, Oakland A's

Ironically, Rob Gardner didn't stay with the A's very long. His contract was purchased in May by the Brewers. It was another in a long line of transactions for the southpaw -- he played with six teams in eight seasons -- and Milwaukee ended up sending him back to the A's that July. He never played in the majors again after that, though.

 Rob Garner came up with the Mets in 1965. From there, his itinerary gets a little bit fuzzy. After the Mets, he was with the Indians, the Cubs, the Yankees, the A's, the Yankees again, the A's again and the Brewers. Add to those tours of duty the trips down to the minors and you have one well-traveled player. He stuck it out in the minors through 1975 before he retired.

One thing that pops up in the long list of transactions is the fact that he was traded twice for different Alou brothers. The two times he was dealt to the A's, he was traded for Felipe and Matty Alou.


  1. Gardner is one of those players who came from my hometown. I wish I could say I knew he was when I was growing up, but I had no clue.

  2. Hi all, very sorry to say that I've learned 1973 blog author (and friend to many) Chris Stufflestreet passed away this morning.

    Bob D'Angelo, fellow member of the card trading group OBC, wrote about Chris this evening at

    Saying farewell to vintage blogger is tough

    RIP and thanks for everything, Chris.

  3. From a current north country resident to a north country native, thanks, Chris.

    I learned a lot.


  4. Chris: I really enjoyed both your baseball blogs and your music blogs. Thank you for the blogs and for your insights. RIP

  5. Chris - Thank you for sharing and you will be missed.

    I can only imagine the kind of baseball card shows that go on in heaven.

  6. Wow. I don't know what to say. I looked forward to 8:30 a.m. every day to see the next card posted here. I'm absolutely shocked and saddened immensely by this.

  7. Domo arigato for all of the knowledge you've shared. I especially enjoyed your A's posts.

    RIP Chris... you will be missed.

  8. Really sad to hear about Chris. The '73 set was the first set that I really remember purchasing packs. I had a few '72s, but it was the '73s that I had in a shoebox.
    Years later, in the early 80's, my dad bought the whole set for me from a guy in the newspaper for $125. Not too bad.
    Not too many had love for the '73 set. Chris, you will be missed.