Friday, October 15, 2010

Like a Beacon

How bright was the shade of yellow used by the San Diego Padres during the early 1970s? This card shows an example:

Card #655 -- Clay Kirby, San Diego Padres

You may have to click the card to enlarge it, but the card has one other person in the picture. Gotta love the way the yellow hat on that outfielder can be seen from all the way out there. As for the picture, that is an interesting part of the pitching delivery to put on a card.

Clay Kirby was an original member of the Padres in 1969 (losing 20 games that year as the staff ace), but 1973 would be his last year with the club. From 1974-'75 he was a member of the Cincinnati Reds' rotation. The change to a team that actually provided him some run support helped him immediately. However, he wasn't used by the Reds in the '75 postseason despite a 10-6 record, and was sent to Montreal for '76. That would be his final season in the majors.

Kirby died of a heart attack in 1991. He was 43 years old.


  1. The background on that card (much like the background of Kirby's in action card from the '72 set), makes it look like they're playing in front of a zoo exhibit.

  2. This photo was actually taken in 1971 at Candlestick Park. They had trees beyond the fence before they enclosed the upper deck so the 49ers could move in. This was likely taken during the construction phase, as you can see the criss-cross bracing to the left of his head, and the new football bleachers to the right. The '71 Pads had these gray uni's before they went to all yellow in '72.

  3. Outfielder in the picture is most likely Cito Gaston...& I concur with the Candlestick Park in '71 post.