Monday, August 16, 2010


1970s style is often funny, even if the humor was purely unintentional. Perhaps things like bell bottoms, platform shoes, mood rings and polyester suits contribute to the 1970s' bad reputation fashion-wise, they bring back fond memories to some who lived through the decade. Another fashion staple that is often derided by critics involves hair, which is on display right here:

Card #71 - Johnny Briggs, Milwaukee Brewers

This card exhibits two examples of 1970s hair. Not only is Johnny Briggs sporting mutton chop sideburns, but you can see a small afro peeking out from under his seemingly new cap. While there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with long sideburns in pictures of gentlemen from the 1800s, they're sometimes considered tacky when they appear on 1970s-vintage photos. However, the use of one batting glove was a good decade before Michael Jackson made the look his own.

Johnny Briggs was a regular in left field for the Brewers in 1973, joining the club two years earlier after seven and a half seasons in Philadelphia. The Paterson, New Jersey native and Seton Hall alum was also a regular in Topps sets between 1964 and '76. That last year, he was out of the majors and playing in Japan.


  1. In addition to that, in a 12-season major league career, Briggs posted a .253 batting average with 139 home runs and 507 RBI in 1366 games played.
    He is a great player of his time.

  2. Or Oscar Gamble's famous fro. I remember Dusty Baker when he was with the A's in the 80's. He wore a fur coat with red leather pants when leaving the clubhouse on multiple occasions.