Friday, May 7, 2010

Keeping Track...

Checklists are often one of the poor castoffs from the cards put out each year. Though technically a part of the set with their own card numbers, they're either used for their intended purpose -- keeping track of which cards the owner has from the set -- or often tossed away. They usually don't show players, they're often dull and nobody ever wants to trade them for anything decent. Look at this poor card, for instance:

Card #588 - Checklist 5

I'm guessing its original owner was doing a lot of trading. While some of the boxes have been marked, others have been erased, indicating that the card was no longer in that collector's possession. In my case, the marks were fortunate (I ended up getting a great deal on the card since it was damaged) but it shows some of the abuse checklist cards received at the hands of those who wanted nothing more than to mark them up.

Actually, I'd assume that a checklist with all the boxes filled in would be a sign that the collector was happy indeed, as he (or she) had finished the series. That's why this card seems to be so sad...the collector never completed it. Fear not, little and your other 659 buddies are all back together in my binder, and I'm not going to subject you to any more ink stains.


  1. Back in the late '80's I picked up a lot of 70-80 cards from a guy at a tag sale; they were 1973-74-75 (mostly '73) and consisted of stars (Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt) or players who the guy thought were going to be stars (Buddy Bell). Anyhow, he included 4 of these checklists in great condition - my 18 year-old self must have wondered why and set them aside to be forgotten. I happened to run across them a couple years ago, if I had the Schmidt (The one I got was 1974) I would seriously try to build this set.

  2. Don't let the lack of a Schmidt stop you from pursuing this great set. I picked mine up for all of $10 at the 2005 Chicago National. It may not be the prettiest card but I can always upgrade it later.